The First OCP Experience Lab Opened in Russia

GAGAR>N, a Russian developer and manufacturer of server hardware, announces the opening of the first OCP Experience Lab in Russia. The Lab, located in the center of Moscow, has the entire range of the Open Compute Project (OCP) server hardware by GAGAR>N on display as well as the equipment by the world's largest manufacturers: Wiwynn, Rittal, Mitac, Bel Power, Murata, Mellanox and others.

According to the IDC forecast, OCP equipment is growing in popularity: in the next four years, the category is expected to grow at 16.6% per year. This is significantly higher than the 4.9% annual growth rate announced for the global computing market. In Russia, the OCP hardware is already used in the data centers of large companies such as Yandex and Russian Railways.
Projects to equip corporate data centers with new servers are measured in billions of rubles. The payback period of such investments is up to 5 years, and the wrong choice of hardware or software can cost up to 35% of the original investment. To optimize costs and accelerate solutions, GAGAR>N launched its own equipment testing center. Now Russian companies can get acquainted with new servers with open-design architecture in line with OCP specifications, test their performance, as well as build test benches to try out hardware and software package solutions.
Learn more about the Lab at www.ocplab.ru