Borlas Group and GAGAR>N Have Signed a Partnership Agreement

Borlas Group became an authorized partner of GAGAR>N, a Russian developer of data storage systems and server platforms.
GAGAR>N develops and manufactures server hardware, including mechanics, circuitry and server software. GAGAR>N hardware is produced in compliance with Open Compute Project (OCP) international standard and is designed for dynamically expanding high load infrastructures.

The company is a member of the Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA) and a partner of the Autonomous Non-profit Organization for Development of Radioelectronics – Computer Science Consortium. The company's products were included in the Register of Radioelectronic and Industrial Products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Equipment in the said Register is guaranteed to be of the Russian origin and can be purchased by public sector customers without restrictions related to import substitution.
"The status of the authorized partner of GAGAR>N not only marks the beginning of a mutually beneficial cooperation between our companies, but also opens up new opportunities for Borlas customers, who are faced with the choice of highly efficient, flexible and independent computing infrastructure. This will affect primarily the public sector customers who purchase equipment under the procedure regulated by Federal Laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ," said Denis Vedenin, Head of Infrastructure Solutions at Borlas Group.
GAGAR>N is a full-cycle manufacturer of Russian server hardware with its own design center, lab and contract manufacturing practice.

GAGAR>N server equipment is produced in compliance with Open Compute Project (OCP) international standard. The OCP specifications feature full open-design architecture, no vendor lock-in, lower cost of ownership and a wide range of applications.
GAGAR>N customers are companies in need of highly efficient, flexible and independent computing infrastructure: VDC, VDI, SDS solutions, private clouds and microservices.
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