GAGAR>N, Arenadata and T1 Consulting Have Successfully Tested Big Data Hardware

Server hardware manufacturer GAGAR>N together with Russian data platform developer Arenadata and IT company T1 Consulting tested Big Data hardware and confirmed that it could be efficiently used for creating domestic big data storage and processing facilities.
In view of increasing customer demand for building Russian hardware and software-based IT infrastructure, T1 Consulting set up the development of a hardware and software suite using Arenadata DB and Arenadata Hadoop software on x86 server platform and GAGAR>N disk arrays. Before coming up with the final proposal, experts conducted testing to see if the hardware is compatible with software solutions.
The testing scenario included several types of load tests for servers and disk arrays. Both cloud cluster with "fast" disks and cluster with classic machines with local hard drives were tested. Both clusters showed good results, and the software performed flawlessly as well. Test results obtained at the GAGAR>N bench are comparable to those of other manufacturers' test benches with a reference architecture for hardware component layout. The report is available at the following link.
"There are a few manufacturers of scalable hardware components for building enterprise storage and data lakes among Russian companies, and of course, it is of great importance that GAGAR>N servers and disk arrays performed well in tests with Arenadata software products. This will enable us to offer customers a proven all-Russian-made software and hardware suite for big data processing," said Alexander Timchur, Arenadata's Head of Sales Support.
"We see an increased demand from large customers for building IT infrastructure based on Russian hardware and software packages. Using GAGAR>N hardware as the basis for upgrading the existing or creating new big data storage and processing facilities together with Arenadata solutions will enable customers to easily scale and flexibly change the IT landscape based on their current business needs," said Lesya Vinogradova, Head of GAGAR>N – OCP Experience Lab Moscow.
"T1 Consulting was pleased to arrange for the testing and development of GAGAR>N – Arenadata hardware and software suite. Such packaged solutions are extremely interesting for retailers, as they have long been working with big data, collecting information about millions of consumers, purchases and thousands of retail outlets on a daily basis. In particular, the hardware and software suite can be used to predict promotions, personalize offers, advise consumers and run other scenarios. The industries where we are also seeing extremely high demand for such solutions are banking and telecom," said Anton Spirin, T1 Consulting Chief Commercial Officer.

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